Top 10 Embarrassments of the Mormon Religion

Top 10 Embarrassments of the Mormon Religion

 Oct 5, 2012

by Zabrina

Mormon is purportedly a prophet-antiquarian who was the local American accepted by Mormons to have composed the Book of Mormon – the primary religious message of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormonism). Mormonism is a religion less than several centuries old, but in this short time it has figured out how to gather an extended catalogue of humiliations which the church bosses could favor was kept noiseless. The aforementioned humiliations extend from text based errors to outrages in the existence of the organizer, Joseph Smith. Of all religions, its demanding to accept this one has gotten on given the extended record of humiliations that accompanies! Mormonism and its blames is an especially engaging subject at present given that Mitt Romney is a Mormon and he is battling in opposition to President Obama in the upcoming US Presidential races. It could be enthralling to see if Romney 2012 comes to be President Romney – just time will tell.

10-False Book

Embarrassment: Book of Abraham

The Book of Abraham, one of the centermost messages of Mormonism, is an oppressed interpretation of Egyptian papyri. Parts of the first message were found and considered by prestigious antiquarians with accreditations and background. These masters revealed the parts to be scraps of burial service spells utilized to help spirits proceed onward to life following death. There were no similarities between the content and the supposedly incredibly-enlivened interpretation that Smith developed. And in addition the mainstream Mormon chapel, different identified God’s houses, for example the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, still accept it to be a group work that stands for the will of God. Theological rationalists for the Book guarantee that current Egyptologists are basically interpreting the content wrong – primarily significance that Joseph Smith is the just human to have existed who perceived Egyptian hieroglyphics rightly (aside from the Egyptians themselves obviously).

9-Martyr or Coward?

Embarrassment: Smith’s death – suicide, heroic, or somewhere in between?

Some state that Joseph Smith, author of Mormonism, battled back boldly in opposition to assailants, but others accept he dedicated suicide by hopping out of a window. A few things are sure – he shot and was shot, and at some indicate, fell of a window. He utilized a snuck gun to shoot at a horde and did not kick the bucket a saint’s passing in any case, as is guaranteed by numerous Mormons. There is a significant stark complexity between Christian saints who – in virtually each case – trusted God enough to welcome their demise and Joseph Smith who so needed trust in his particular “religion” that he was scared of kicking the bucket.

8-Missing History

Embarrassment: No archaeological evidence

The cases made by the Book of Mormon say particular instruments, advances, yields, and creatures that essentially didn’t exist in these areas at the times stated. Case in point, steeds, dairy cattle, sheep, and swine weren’t meandering between 2500 BC and 400 AD, as guaranteed. A large portion of the aforementioned species was presented in 1493 by Christopher Columbus. Essentially, grain and wheat weren’t developed, press and steel weren’t being transformed, and frameworks of weight and estimation for example the Mormons assert existed basically aren’t backed by archaeological confirmation.


Embarrassment: Plagiarism of the King James Bible

There are particular quotes in the Book of Mormon that are found in the King James Bible and different present day works that Joseph Smith had access to. Case in point, Alma 5:52 is indistinguishable practically word-for-word to Matthew 3:10. Smith counterfeited 478 verses from the book of Isaiah, and 201 are indistinguishable to the King James Bible. In the event that this book were positively celestially enlivened, it wouldn’t have been sorted out from bits of the books that Smith peruse!

6-Mormon Underwear

Embarrassment: Magical underpants

The temple pieces of clothing worn by Mormons supposedly furnish assurance in opposition to allurement and sins. They are even credited with sparing individuals’ exists around the same time as indigenous calamities in Mormon urban legends, which is preposterous to overwhelmingly individuals without heavenly avowals in supernatural attire. They are viewed as hallowed and would not be able to be uprooted unless unconditionally vital, but then may as well be put on again at the closest conceivable opportunity. One considers if Mitt Romney’s underwear is “Mormon-endorsed.”


Embarrassment: Polygamy – now it’s valid, now it isn’t?

The principal forty years of Mormonism included plural marriage, a type of array of mistresses-keeping by men who were showed by Joseph Smith that it was a tenet worth emulating. Smith then continued to marry part of a handful of ladies in 1843, yet he denied to general society that he polished this polygamy. He had at minimum forty wives in his lifetime, some of whom were thirteen years old, and Brigham Young had fifty wives. Presently, the present day see is that polygamy is unsuitable, which appears to be a disclosure carried about by the unlawfulness of polygamy. The Mormon god can has adapted his brain, it appears!

4-Lost Text

Embarrassment: First translation mysteriously lost

The Book of Mormon, when first interpreted, was given to an associate who supposedly lost them. Joseph Smith may as well have been equipped to retranslate them from his “golden tablets” – the first cause of this book – and yet he found a reason to dodge this. He declared that they were not permitted to be in the Book of Mormon anymore, decidedly since if the initial were to be found and contrasted and the brand new interpretation, the inconsistencies in the words he made up could be revealed. Pictured above are seven lines that Smith asserted he duplicated straight from the recondite (and missing) golden tablets on which he stated the Book of Mormon was composed.

3-False Witnesses

Embarrassment: Witnesses were excommunicated

Several bunches of witnesses supposedly saw the interpretation of the Book of Mormon, yet they were all banned following conflicts with Smith. It appears the first amass of several witnesses found it an excess of a scam to stay in the church following witnessing this, so a second gather would have done well to be found. The proposed eight men marked articulations guaranteeing to have viewed and took care of the golden plates, however it was later uncovered that they hadn’t truly done so. In different statements, Smith compelled them to falsehood concerning seeing the plates.

2-Stolen Rituals

Embarrassment: Stolen temple rituals

Images and ceremonies for Mormon temples were stolen from Freemasonry. Some of the proposed ceremonies incorporate the images on the “enchanting underpants” worn by Mormons, a secret handshake that Freemasons trade by one means or another coming to be the handshake folks should give holy messengers with a specific end goal to drop in the topmost great kingdom, and that’s just the beginning. Joseph Smith was casted out from the Freemasons for this burglary, however he still attempted to engage the Masons in the swarm that came to slaughter him by giving the first statements of a Mason indicator of misery, forsaking his made confidence in his final instants.

1-Slaughter of Innocents

Embarrassment: Mountain Meadows Massacre

In the Mountain Meadows Massacre of 1857, a posse of Mormons grouped up to ambush a wagon teaches of families from Arkansas on their direction to California. The aggressors pretended to be Native Americans so they may actualize a political objective, and when they feared disclosure by the chumps, killed about 120 men, ladies, and kids  over the time period characterized by seven with a specific end goal to evade leaving witnesses to testify in the matter of who was totally the attacks.

The aforementioned humiliations indicate an accursing summation: Joseph Smith figured out how to string in his devotees for a considerable length of time, and even today, houses of worship and neighborhoods exist that think these absurd fictions. The humiliations posted above are simply the starting for the Mormon neighborhood, who could exactly as soon illustrate distant every explanation to question their profoundly-kept convictions – a troubled state of issues for any intelligent mere mortal.