Top 10 Legendary Lost Worlds

Top 10 Legendary Lost Worlds

By Hestie Barnard Gerber

For centuries, explorers have told tales of spectacular lost worlds, and legends of shrouded kingdoms. Huge numbers of the aforementioned stories make due right up ’til today. The principal tales of incredible outings to never before viewed kingdoms and developments improved in a time when much was unknown, and all things appeared plausible. From Plato’s story of Atlantis, to Mandeville’s tales of puppy-headed men, the publicly accepted norms who ingested the proposed legends recognized no exceptional explanations to question their truth.

All the more when Gulliver’s Travels was distributed in 1726, countless parts of the globe – for example Australia, Africa, South America and much of Asia – remained incompletely uncharted. As late as the mid-nineteenth century, “lost planet” sentiments blasted through the tales of Jules Verne, H. Rider Haggard, Arthur Conan Doyle and H. G. Wells – even as it came to be clear that the areas in their stories never existed. Today, tragically, the charm of the aforementioned sentiments have blurred – but the magnetic draw of the aforementioned legends, however torpid, remains in our hearts and our group mind, prepared to draw a different cycle towards an essence of enterprise.

10- Lemuria


Lemuria, or Mu, is a landmass stated to have been swallowed by the ocean, and to now untruth under the Indian or Pacific Ocean. The well-known Theosophist Madame Blavatsky guaranteed that the Lemurians were chimp-like monsters that had the endowment of telepathy. In a book called “The Lost Continent of Mu”, one scholar guaranteed that the sum total of humankind has it is inceptions in Mu, which once amplified from Hawaii to Easter Island and Fiji. Supposedly, it was altogether wrecked 12,000 years back by a tremendous seismic tremor, and sank into the ocean.

Today, the Stelle aggregation in the USA claims to be dropped from the Lemurians. As per this gathering, the Lemurians got away from earth emulating the fiasco, and they have seeing that been managing the predeterminations of picked assemblies for example themselves.

9- Cibola


The 16th century Spanish conquistadores hunt the North Americas down the fabulous seven Cities of Cibola – legendary for their fortune and brightness. Cibola was conceivably identified with Aztlan, the place that is known for seven buckles from which the Aztecs apparently emigrated to Mexico. Antonio de Mendoza, Viceroy of New Spain, sent the first undertaking to find these lost urban communities in 1539, after a certain monk asserted to have seen them not too far off.

In 1540, a second expeditionary drive was sent, under the order of Francisco de Coronado. Experiencing the Hopi individuals, the Spaniards were told that the tribe had for a considerable length of time been expecting the dividend of the White Brother, Pahana. The assembly of Spaniards investigated the extent that Texas, anyway n’tn’t discover any of the legendary, golden urban areas. This legend is similar to the one of El Dorado.

8- Shambala


“Shambala” is the Sanskrit name for a supernatural land, placed between frigid mountains, with a golden city at it is focus. It has been looked for practically all around. From the Gobi Desert to Tibet, Afghanistan to the Kun Lun Mountains of China, pilgrims have scoured – but in vain. Endeavors have off and on again vanished without a follow. Obviously, one can fly over Shambala in a flying machine and still miss it, as it is wildernesses are deliberately monitored and ensured from being viewed.

In 1928, Nicholas Roerich, the planner of Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring aerial artistry, was told by a lama that Shambala has a place with a different extent, and that just the previously mentioned who are profoundly ready can find it – as it is lost, and recognized, truly in the psyche. Roerich moreover met a secretive lama on the Darjeeling-Ghum way in India, and was later told by friars that this lama hailed from Shambala.

7- Agharti


Legends tell us that Agharti is a underground globe, joined to the four corners of the earth by means of a many-sided tunnel-system. Depicting an area possessed by peace-cherishing and delicate individuals, who attempt to lighten the richness of the folks living over the-ground, the myth seems, by all accounts, to be absolutely old.

Plato talked about expansive and restricted tunnels found underneath the earth, represented by a brilliant ruler who sits at the world’s focus. A couple hundred years later, Pliny specified folks who fled underground after Atlantis was destroyed. Some recondite traditionalists still case that Agharti totally exists. As per the aforementioned adherents, the Atlanteans fled to Asia, where they tunneled under the Himalayas, sitting tight tolerantly for the day when they may afresh develop to lead the planet.

6- Hy-Brasil


Europeans nurtured a long-kept interest over a legendary nation, stated to be spotted some place over the obstructed Western Ocean. An Irish legend tells us of Hy-Brasil, an island secured in fog, which can just be perceived once each seven years – but never arrived at. Undertakings left Bristol in the 1480s, in any case they continuously returned without verification of the famous island.

In 1674, a skipper by the name of John Nisbet asserted that he had viewed the island throughout a voyage between Ireland and France. He stated that the island was possessed by great dark rabbits, and a mystical performer who existed in a stone stronghold. Lately, on the other hand, it has been prescribed that Hy-Brasil is truly Porcupine Bank, a shore that genuinely exists, and might be recognized 200 kilometers west of Ireland.



The home of Sir Tristan, one of King Arthur’s mythical round table knights, Lyonesse is a nation in Arthurian legend stated to be found near Cornwall – admitting that it is correct area has never been specified. It is stated to have sunk beneath the ocean, quite similar to the city of Ys as per Celtic tales. Ruler Tennyson portrayed Lyonesse as the post of Arthur’s last fight, in which he was mortally wounded.

As the legend of Lyonesse’s sinking seems both in Cornish and Breton mythology, it has been prescribed that the story speaks for a phenomenal illustration of society memory and the convention of oral history; it is believed that the story may have it is inceptions in the authentic flooding of the Isles of Sicily and Mount’s Bay, close Penzance. Today, Lyonesse is solidly attached to Cornwall’s conventions, so joining it to the Isles of Scilly appears the most consistent step. Around the terrain, one can in any case discover the fossilized remains an antiquated backwoods, where beech trees still bearing nuts can in addition be discovered.

4-Cantre’r Gwaelod


Cantre’r Gwaelod – the Welsh Atlantis – is an unbelievable old sunken kingdom declared to have been placed here between Ramsey Island and Bardsley Island, to the west of Wales. This kingdom headlines in legends, expositive expression, and melody, and is accepted to untruth beneath the waters of Cardigan Bay. The most prevalent myth states that the area was braced in opposition to the ocean by a dyke. A sovereign called Seithenyn, depicted as an alcoholic and a womanizer, was in charge of the dyke, and because of his carelessness the ocean cleared through the doors and destroyed the area. In spite of the fact that there is no reliable physical proof that Cantre’r Gwaelod untruths under the inlet, there have been a few reported sightings of sunken human homes, stone dividers and interstates.

3- El Dorado


When the Spanish attacked Mexico in the 16th century, they caught talk of a remarkable city cleared with gold, controlled over by a cleric-ruler called El-Dorado, or the Gilded King, whose figure was stated to be secured with powdered gold. Francisco Pizarro attacked Peru, and popularly overpowered the Inca human advancement with a progression of killings, duplicities, and dishonesties. He did discover some gold when it’s all said and done, yet it did him no great – he was neutralized in 1541.

Admitting that there are certain certainties supporting this legend, no exact confirmation exists of “the” El Dorado, and in later years it settled into legendary custom as a spot in the Americas where a city of gold lay. Centuries later, the New World was still being ravaged, and it is occupants killed, as the Europeans kept on their quest for the mythical city. All the more today, countless still think that the city exists, holding up to be recognized by the right traveler at the correct time.

2- Atlantis


Conceivably the most celebrated around the world lost city on this record, we all know of Atlantis’ downfall 10,000 years prior, pulverized in one night by seismic tremors and a surge. Some scientists case that Atlantis quite existed – that the domain gripped parts of Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Others immovably accept the Atlantean survivors were answerable for the development of Stonehenge and the pyramids. As per Plato, Atlantis was administered by ten lords; the imperial castle had sweltering and biting running water; and the vastest temple on the midway island was committed to Poseidon and Cleito.

Most adherents case that confirmation falsehoods in the island Antilia, which could be perceived on 15th century Portuguese outlines – supposedly the genuine Atlantis that vanished beneath the ocean. Others think that Plato mythologized what was genuinely a legitimate occasion: that the chronicled emission of Thera, which crushed the Minoan society of Crete, is the veritable support for the Atlantis myth. Because every analyst immovably expects on to remember their particular hypothesis, all we can have a specific end goal, which is to do is investigation the material on the subject, and arrive at our particular summations regarding this arresting theme – until Atlantis itself is discovered.

1- Avalon


Most analysts accept Avalon was determined from the Welsh word afal, significance fruit. It is a unbelievable island, the spot where King Arthur’s sword Excalibur (Caliburnus) was fashioned, and where Arthur was later taken after the Battle of Camlann to recover. In Welsh, Cornish and Breton legends, Arthur never ceased to exist – and as per the aforementioned customs, he will come back to lead his folks with a fresh spin. Avalon came to be connected with Glastonbury in 1190, when friars at Glastonbury Abbey guaranteed to have recognized the remains of Arthur and his ruler. The writings of Gerald of Wales asserted that Glastonbury was in aged times called the Isle of Avalon. Centuries back, the territory was moreover brought Ynys Gutrin, which in Welsh indicates “Island of Glass” – and from these expressions, the attacking Saxons later furnished us with the spot-name ‘Glastingebury’.