Top Ten Worst Movie Sequels Ever

Top Ten Worst Movie Sequels Ever

We cherish motion pictures and each year many films turn out. Some of the aforementioned films are exceptional, some of them are awful and some are absolute loathsome. For some explanation it appears that a percentage of the most exceedingly terrible motion pictures made are sequels to different motion pictures. Probably it’s for the reason that the film doesn’t update things enough the second time around, or possibly it’s on the grounds that it attempts excessively no picnic to update things that worked. Whatever the explanation, sequels (or prequels) are occasional comparable to the motion picture before them and frequently leave every living soul considering why they were even made in the first place.

10. Predator vs. Aliens: Requiem


You know a sequel is reasonable heading off to suck when the first film in the arrangement was ghastly. Predator vs. Outsider was a try to consolidate two of the largest, baddest intergalactic creatures in silver screen history as a single unit on the same screen and it didn’t work well the first run through. For some explanation individuals appeared to imagine that derailing a film once wasn’t enough and they made a second portion of this less than impressive motion picture that assembled more regrettable. Note to Hollywood: If the first films sucked the second one is feasible heading off to be far more terrible.

9. Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry met Lloyd


This specific film genuinely may as well have never been made. Doltish and Dumber was a shining film and it owed that brightness to the science between Jim Carry and Jeff Daniels. At the point that they chose to do the second film they didn’t get Carry or Daniels back and this was ordained to be a lemon since there was no way two diverse actors might draw of the elements of Harry and Lloyd. Yet had they the chance Carry and Daniels back to play their roles again there is no vow this move could have been much preferred. Now and then a sequel is barely an awful thought.

8. Poltergeist II


Ghost II makes it on this record in light of the fact that it is so characteristic of the loathsomeness type as a rule. It appears to be each time a sincerely interesting rotate on terribleness goes along, the powers-that-be beat that notion to passing. It doesn’t matter assuming that it is Freddy Kruger or a little young lady that can banter with apparitions, Hollywood cherishes to continue giving us the same stuff it did in the final film. Apparition II was blatantly the same motion picture as the first with a couple more enhanced appearances flung in. Accurate, some folks similar to the reiterated motion picture however legitimately recounting the story once was enough.

7. The Crow II


The Crow II: City of Angels was the catch up to the sensational film The Crow. City of Angels genuinely did a few things right for example catching the feeling of the first picture yet it did so far additional wrong. This motion picture is on this record for the reason that it was essentially a great motion picture. It’s tricky to pinpoint one thing or a different as the explanation this film wasn’t what it might have been, however generally speaking it was a disappointing interaction on account of viewers might tell that this motion picture might have been similarly comparable to the in the first place, however it simply wasn’t.

6. Halloween III


We as of now exchanged ideas about the repulsiveness kind’s tendency to repeat the same film over and over again, however Halloween III merits to be on this record for the reason that it had unquestionably nothing to do with any of the alternate motion pictures in the establishment. This giant essentially took the title of an efficacious film establishment then after that continued to make a totally awful film. This motion picture sucked in each way a film can suck. It was an awful story, it was positively awful acting, and the enhancements were finish poop. You may be allured to put yourself through this hellfire, however trust me, it totally was that awful.

5. Grease 2


There are certain motion pictures that regardless of how hard they attempt, they can never double the definitive, and Grease 2 was one of those motion pictures. Oil 2 was basically High School musical with a terrible mentality and altogether could not convey whatever near the definitive. This film took a symbol and ran it through the mud with a faltering script, horrible acting, and musical numbers that were plainly lip adjusted.

4. Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)


The definitive Texas Chainsaw Massacre has been a religion hit for quite some time in light of the fact that it was a so great told story with some somewhat conventional filling in also. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 fundamentally took every little thing that was great concerning the first motion picture, hurled it out the window then gave groups of onlookers a heap of trash and let them know to get a charge out of it anyway. This move made practically no sense and tried in either acting or enhancements. While the frightfulness sort can bring forth great sequels by essentially reiterating what has been finished after, this film didn’t even do that.

3. Conan the Destroyer


Conan the Destroyer is the consequence of Hollywood execs feeling that making a grown-up motion picture into something with more extensive request can truly work. The victory of the definitive Conan was a straight outcome of its lumpy feel and dim subjects, when you take the previously mentioned out and reinstate it with droll drama, the consequence is sure to disillusion crowds, and Conan the Destroyer did simply that. The sole recovering value concerning this film was… well there isn’t one.

2. Blair Witch Project 2: Book of Shadows


The Blair Witch Project was one of the most gigantic amazes in silver screen history. It took a quite basic notion and utilized it to recount a story that devised a workable plan to terrify essentially most living breathing souls who saw it. The issue with the definitive motion picture was that there was no way a sequel might be finished the same way, it simply wasn’t heading off to work. The Blair Witch Project 2 got that part right however missed the mark on each different front comprehensible. Yes, it did need to stay away from some of what the first motion picture did, however this film comprehensively disregarded the things it might have utilized from the first. Rather than investigating the history of the Blair Witch and perhaps utilizing a different turn on the documentary style of recounting the story, the essayist and executive gave us a defectively done terribleness picture with certain needless nakedness. This film sucked so awful that you essentially got wiped out looking at it yet unlike the first and foremost, it had nothing to do with the crazy zoom lens

1. Star Wars episodes 1-3


Every last one of the several of these films truly merit their particular spot on the record yet it could simply be the same sentiment over and over again. By one means or another George Lucas devised a workable plan to altogether neglect every little thing that made the first three Star Wars pictures so great. The story was about as forcing as a swarm of gnats, the elements were one dimensional and difficult to identify with, and the enhancements were so over done that you couldn’t quite tell what was truly incident a large part of the time. The explanation these films merit the top spot on this record is more than the fact they were terrible. The aforementioned films might as well have been several of the best films ever made, they might have been had Lucas stayed correct to the things that made the first three Star Wars films the gems that they were. Genuinely, George, what happened to you?