Top Ten Weird Facts About American Presidents

Top Ten Weird Facts About American Presidents

The President of The United States is a productive work that is wrought with its particular stress, complexities and threat. Presidents manage such hugely vital choices and are so common on TV and the media all in all that it is some of the time demanding to see them as consistent individuals. Presidents are normal individuals who manage senseless seemingly insignificant issues and have unusual and absurdities that happen to every last one of us. Here are ten items that you may not ponder some of our US presidents.

1. The Lincoln-Kennedy Conspiracy


While paranoid notions are for the most part crackpot plans that could be effortlessly released as incident, there is one situated of likenesses and peculiarities that give even perfected cynics a spot of a head scratch. Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy apportion a momentous set of fortuitous events that have been subject of trivia since Kennedys extermination. Both men were shot in the head on a Friday situated next to their wives, Lincoln was in Box 7 in the theater while Kennedy was in Car 7 of the motorcade in Dallas, both professional killers went by several names (Lee Harvey Oswald and John Wilkes Booth), Lincoln was shot in a theater and Booth was later caught in a warehouse while Oswald shot Kennedy from a warehouse and was in the end caught in a theater, both were chosen to the House of Representatives in ’46, runners up in the VP designation in ’56 and both were chosen president in ’60, both were succeeded by southern Democrats with the final name Johnson, Lincoln was shot in Ford’s Theater and Kennedy was shot in a Lincoln Limo made by Ford near numerous different similitudes.

2. In Through The Back Door


President Gerald Ford, the 38th President of the United States, might be perceived by numerous as pretty lucky in governmental issues. A lifelong Congressman, Ford has an extraordinary qualification in the White House that may never be doubled. Passage was selected as the Vice President to Richard Nixon when Spiro Agnew surrendered from his office. Therefore, on August 9th 1974, Richard Nixon surrendered from the Presidency, along these lines making Gerald Ford president. Portage is the sole individual to never score either Vice President or President races to still serve in both limits.

3. Prankster President


Calvin Coolidge was the 30th President of the United States and known for being to a greater degree a thinker than a talker. A humble legislature minded Republican from Vermont, as Vice President he ended up being President after the passing of Warren G. Harding and thusly won re-decision. Coolidge notwithstanding, was additionally known to play little tricks, the most really popular of which might be to press the sum of the binds on his work table which called to the greater part of his staffer’s then cover up. At the point that they might arrive, he might seem from behind a storeroom and claim he was ‘just seeing if the people was working.’

4. Bullet Point Speecha


Andrew Jackson wasn’t the sole president to have a projectile stopped in him for a long while. Right after a discourse while running at his second run for presidency, Teddy Roosevelt was shot in an endeavored extermination in Milwaukee. This did not stage the president, who, following seeing to the way that the professional killer was gotten, went onto convey his hour long discourse with the projectile stopped in his midsection before being raced to a doctor’s facility for evacuation.

5. The Dueling President


Andrew Jackson was not your prototypical presidential chosen one. Known for his gatherings and inclination for beverage and in addition his hatred for elevated publicly accepted norms, Jackson was to a greater extent a rouge than any individual anticipated to keep the workplace of the most influential individual in the nation. Jackson was known for being a little unruly and indeed was included in supposedly over 100 duels throughout his lifetime. The greater part of these duels spun around protecting the respect of his wife, Rachel, and Jackson was known to have a projectile held up in both his midsection and arm from a duel and a pub battle with a Missouri congressperson.

6. Masons


The Freemasons are a gathering covered in doomsday notion by numerous and by doubt by numerous alternates. A gathering that is apparently all over the place, yet is exceptionally shrouded might create alert in any situation, yet it is the individuals in power that give it the true panic. Washington, Monroe, Jackson, Polk, Buchanan, Andrew Johnson, Garfield, McKinley, Teddy and Franklin Roosevelt, Taft, Harding, Truman, Lyndon Johnson and Gerald Ford were all Masons.

7. Catch Your Death Of Cold


Not a soul on earth might blame the 9th President for the United States William Henry Harrison of being modest. An earlier war victor and Congressman, Harrison was chosen to the presidency in 1840. His initiation didn’t go as arranged, in any case, as his address, the longest in initiation history at well-nigh two hours was articulated outside on a chilly, wet day. Harrison, attempting to show his durability, declined a layer or cap throughout the discourse and got a bug. This chilly improved into pneumonia which took his existence just a month into his presidency. His presidency might keep going what added up to 30 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes.

8. Born In the U.S.A.


Lately, the subject of origin came begging to be proven wrong for qualifications in ending up being President of the United States. By law, the President must be conceived in the USA or on USA bases or property. Yet, a detail might appear to restrict some of our first presidents from serving. In particular, the first seven, the distance up to Martin Van Buren. Martin Van Buren, the 8th President of the United States was the first one conceived an US subject, all alternates before him were truly born British subjects.

9. Teddy Bears Presidential Past


Teddy Roosevelt was a noted seeker and had a past that made numerous boondocks men’s could not hope to compare. A previous Rough Rider and the man who promoted the adage “Speak delicately and convey an imposing stick”, Roosevelt was known for his beautifully cowhand allure. Yet, it was an anecdote around a toddler dark bear that made him a religion symbol. An obvious occurrence on a chasing excursion in 1902, Roosevelt requested the leniency executing of a wounded dark bear. As the legend goes, there was a fledgling bear put forth that Roosevelt declined to execute, and in this manner demonstrated his generosity to augment his chasing deftness. An outline of the episode showed up in papers, and without warning the White House was overwhelmed with stuffed “Teddy” bears.

10. Something Interesting about Two Post-War Presidents


The center name of U.S. Presidents are frequently the subject of nothing more than trivia recreations, yet two specifically might need to be thought about trick questions. Harry S. Truman and Ulysses S. Gift were both presidents who imparted a by and large uncommon association. Stipend, the war general who was a partied about champion after the Civil War and Truman who was the president at the finish of the second World War and is the subject of a standout amongst the most famous representations of the age indicating a daily paper feature that errantly ran that he lost his offer for reelection, were exceptionally distinctive in most regards. Yet they imparted the way that both men’s center name is S. Essentially, S. Truman’s center beginning was to please both granddads who had S names and Grant’s S name remains subject to some puzzle, however it is the first starting in his mother’s original surname.