10 Funny Book Characters with Weird Superpowers

10 Funny Book Characters with Weird Superpowers

By Eric Kiefer,

Certain superpowers pop up over and over again in comic books: super quality; super speed; telekinesis; life projection. Yet there’s a humble pantheon of comic elements that resist the aforementioned well-trodden adages, and brag controls that extend the points of confinement of the superhero classification.

We’re heading off to keep away from “joke elements” (for example Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and The Color Kid), “supernatural” elements with indistinct powers, and one-shot elements—inside those borders, here are the strangest superpowers that you’ll find in funnies.

10- The Fate Patrol


What record about odd might be finish without the Doom Patrol, a standout amongst the most misconstrued and distanced superhero groups to ever make it to the printed page?

A crew of super-fueled rebels whose forces regularly create them deplorability and distance, the Doom Patrol first showed up in My Greatest Adventure #80 (June 1963), and instantly made a notoriety as being one of the strangest titles on the standard business sector. While during that timeframe most “interestingly powered”comic book elements were finished as peculiar parodies of the industry, The Doom Patrol’s angst-ridden and rationally imbalanced group were part of one of the first books to hint that superpowers might be terrifyingly atypical. The book actually took a turn for the surreal when Grant Morrison posited composing obligations after issue #19 of the 1980s Doom Patrol relaunch, and started to join components for example Dadaism, surrealism, and the cut-up method pioneered by William S. Burroughs and Brion Gysin.

The gathering of abnormal and special superpowers in The Doom Patrol books is undoubtedly enough to warrant its particular record. Here are just a couple of the elements and capacities that Doom Patrol journalists have concocted over the years:

The Quiz: a Japanese lady with a trepidation of soil, The Quiz had each force you’ve never idea of. To make her lose a force, you needed to deliberately consider it.

Insane Jane: Has sixty-four numerous dispositions, each with its particular set of superpowers.

Danny the Street: a living, conscious “put” that can teleport itself to any area.

Love Glove: fit to visit the powerful “Glove Tree,” where he can select super-fueled gloves that run from the “Shove Glove” to the “Techno Glove.”

Pitfall Bug: his for the most part enticing force is the capacity to acknowledge he is in a comic book, making him one of the few comic book elements that will break the “fourth divider” and vocalize straight to the onlooker.

Mr. No one: sluggishly empties the normality of every warm body around him.

The Animal-Mineral-Vegetable Man: Can transform any part of his form into any sort of creature, vegetable or mineral, incorporating different parts in the meantime.

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9- The Man Can Eat Matter


Tenzil Kem from the planet Bismoll has the capability to consume just about any measure of matter in basically any shape. The truth is out . . . his superpower is consuming. Matter-Eater Lad is equipped for consuming sulfuric harsh corrosive, jail bars, broken glass, sultry magma—you name it, he’ll consume it. He once made his confidants burrow a departure tunnel by consuming his way underground.

Matter-Eater Lad is an additional element we acknowledged keeping off this record, however he’s truly a dug in element in the DC Universe as a part of the Legion of Super-Heroes. He even figured out how to recover the universe in Superboy and The Legion of Super-Heroes #251, by consuming the “indestructible” Miracle Machine—and paid the value when he became crazy from its energies for some months.

That would be gotta mean something.

8- The Crimson Witch


The loved one of Magneto and the stepsister of Quicksilver has a standout amongst the most extraordinary powers in the Marvel universe: the capability to control expectation. Utilizing what she calls “hexes”, Wanda Maximoff is ready to drive an extent of level-prospect occasions to happen at precisely the right—or wrong—times.

In the past, The Scarlet Witch utilized her hexes to light combustible items, hold or evacuate air from a specific territory, divert objects, stop the energy of shots, open entryways, blast objects, make might fields and divert supernatural strike. The impacts of her powers change, however are practically continuously inconvenient to adversaries, for example bringing about the Evil Eye to work opposite bury-dimensional warlord Dormammu, the robot Ultron to short out, or a gas primary underneath the Brotherhood of Mutants to blast.

As of late, the element has been redone to recommend that Wanda has the ability to impact actuality itself, apparently making her a standout amongst the most effective elements in the Marvel universe.

7- The Men has 10 -Eyed 


In our endeavor to keep “joke elements” off this record, we battled with the choice to incorporate The Ten-Eyed Man. Be that as it may eventually, DC Comics has treated him excessively truly for us to markdown him as a joke . . . simply listen to the downtrodden chap’s source story.

Philip Reardon was serving as a fighter in the U.S. Uncommon Forces in Vietnam, when an explosive part hit him between the eyes. Coming back to regular person existence, he got work as a security monitor at a warehouse. After a theft happened—for which he might wind up erroneously reprimanding Batman—Reardon’s retinas were blazed in an eruption, combining his war damage and blinding him forever in both eyes. A shining surgeon devised a workable plan to reconnect Reardon’s optic nerves to his fingertips, preparing him to “transparent his fingers, and The Ten Eyed Man was born.

Reardon utilized his 360-degree vision to expand his Special Forces military developing, and swore wicked reprisal on Batman. At the point that Batman inescapably ruled him and The Ten-Eyed Man was sent to penitentiary, his hands were secured an unique box to keep him “visionless” 24 hours a day.

6- Maggott


Briskly a part of the X-Men, the mutant regarded as Maggott has an empty digestive depression lodging a couple of semi-aware slugs, which are equipped to bore their direction out of his torso and use an effective protein to process any strong question in their way at super-speed, transmitting the vigor back to their expert. Maggott then utilizes this vigor to supercharge his physical size, ability, stamina and durability.

He for the most part feasts apart from everyone else.

5- Cryptograph


An additional “superhuman learner”, Cypher puts his abilities to utilize as a part of a distinctive way: grasping dialects.

Cypher is a mutant who is ready to instinctively grasp, decipher and read all dialects. This fitness apart from everyone else makes him precious as a translator and agent, immensely underrated capacities in the superhero multiverse, where extraterrestrials and mystery routinely rub elbows with global professional killers and administration heads of state.

At the same time its when we test this fitness closer, that we genuinely see the force of having the capacity to grasp any dialect. Cypher is equipped to decode codes and grasp scripting languages (he has been equipped to vocalize in double and hack into electronic frameworks). He’s fit to peruse his adversaries’ non-verbal communication and anticipate the plans of their battle moves. His dialect aptitudes are so advanced that he is equipped to “peruse” the design structure of a constructing and decipher how to cut it down.

Essentially makes you wish you gave careful consideration in French class, oui?

4- Taskmaster


While the fitness to “study” may not appear to be much of a superhuman capability, a more critical take a gander at this out-of-the-standard superpower may make you suspect twice. Utilizing his ability to study at a brain-numbing (for us!) speed and capability, Taskmaster is a standout amongst the most impressive adversaries in the Marvel universe.

Equipped to assimilate information quickly, Taskmaster can utilize muscle memory to reproduce the developments and capabilities of different superheroes and military creators. Utilizing these “photographic reflexes,” the Taskmaster has ended up being remarkably skilled in different manifestations of battle by mirroring the hand to hand fighting aptitudes of Elektra, Iron Fist and Shang-Chi, the swordsmanship of Black Knight, Silver Samurai and Swordsman, the marksmanship of Captain America, Hawkeye, Punisher, and Bullseye, and showing a strenuously sharpened physical fitness (Black Panther, Daredevil, Spider-Man). Once the Taskmaster has beaten an adversary’s physical developments, he can then foresee his adversary’s afterward ambush.

We’re wagering Taskmaster was a legitimate educator’s pet.

3- Penance


A superhero once reputed to be Speedball, Robbie Baldwin is presently regarded as Penance, a standout amongst the most masochistic elements in funnies.

As Speedball, his forces were pretty common: producing an active field of power that might push him into fight. Thus far, so dragging. At the same time emulating a sad mischance throughout Marvel’s Civil War storyline, Baldwin was harmed so severely that his forces advanced . . . besides that would be why he’s on this record.

As Penance, Baldwin can just utilize his forces when he’s as a part of “physical pressure”—importance in horrifying agony. To assist fortify his forces, he fabricated a genuinely unnerving-looking S&M style suit, finish with inner points and spikes that unvaryingly rake his tissue.

No doubt not a superpower you’d wish for, however non-douchebag regardless.

2- The The Clock King


The Clock King is a Batman adversary with no superpowers —excluding for his uncanny fitness to recognize and supervise time. While he has in addition been known to utilize exceptionally-propelled, clock-propelled weaponry in his unlawful acts, Clock King’s legitimate ability lies in sensing designs and the “temporal plane.” for instance, he’s so capable at recollecting convoy plans that he was fit to arrangement an ideal getaway from a theft by jumping off a scaffold onto a moving convoy.

An expert tactician—he once served to arrange an auspicious strike on the Justice League Watchtower—Clock King is in addition ready to put his opportunity administration abilities to utilize within the battling stadium. Visualize having the ability to time precisely to what extent it takes for an adversary to throw a jab; Clock King does this without hardly lifting a finger, permitting him to avoid the incoming fist/foot/knife over and over again.

1- Jamie Madrox (The Various Man)


amie Madrox—generally reputed to be the Multiple Man—is a mutant with the fitness to make impeccable copies of himself by retaining motor life. Every copy is equipped for free thought and activity, and Madrox can additionally duplicate things and dress that he’s wearing.

What makes this force sincerely irregular is that the first ever Jamie “Prime”, can assimilate the aforementioned copies go into himself at will, adding on the remembrances and encounters of the doubles in the methodology. Jamie Prime is ready to survive the expiration of a double, and can even use his force as a type of mending (when a harmed copy combines with a different one, the new duplicate will just have a large part of the harm).